Business Development and Sales Where The Potential is Unlimited

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

My name is Claire Steinbruck and I am a senior Marketing major at The University of Tampa. I started interning at UniMates at the beginning of the fall semester. I am currently in charge of the business development and sales portion of the business - we have some exciting things coming up, but I can’t tell you about them yet. ;)

Business development and sales have always been something that I was good at and have a ton of experience in, so when I got the internship with UniMates I knew it would be a great fit for me. The thing about UniMates that is different than my prior experiences is that we are a startup. Everything is brand new and on a much smaller scale than large corporations. After the first couple of weeks of working here, I quickly realized that there were not strict job descriptions where people only do the things that their job description entitles. In a startup, everyone helps everyone and there is a huge teamwork mentality. Since there is only a small number of us working at UniMates, we all have to have each other’s backs and be ready to jump in wherever we are needed.

After witnessing the UniMates dynamic and starting to work in this environment, I started to love the process and the opportunities that startups impose.

Although there is always a risk of failure, I believe the upsides of being a part of and potentially growing something into a huge success outweighs that risk.

This is a feeling you will not get from working at huge corporations that have already grown and you are just a number or another employee. Here at UniMates, your voice is genuinely heard and your ideas are spread throughout that business. It also helps that the purpose of UniMates is incredibly unique and will be genuinely beneficial to all the Universities, so it is easy to support the idea.

I am very excited to see what UniMates grows into this semester and continue to work hard to reach all of our goals. The potential is unlimited and that is the best part of a startup! If anyone has a great idea and wants to start a business but is worried about the risk, my advice would be go for it because you never know where taking that risk my land you in life!