Mysterious Talents feature on UniMates? Know how to be productive with your talents!

College is not easy sometimes, without mentioning how expensive it is. However, to get a better job and have stability in the future, you decided to go to college. But wait a minute… Did you say ‘no’ to your hobbies? Maybe yes? Then now it is time to remind yourself about it and find an hour or two a day to return to your real self and make some money with UniMates!

We all have been there: pursuing a career which is not completely utilizing your talents and you feel the need to give more. Maybe you are studying business but can’t apply your crafty skills. And what do you do with that special skill? Moreover, think about how big Greek life is and formals that are happening occasionally and all girls and guys want to look flawlessly.

Are you an expert in makeup, and can spend hours applying makeup and trying out different looks? Or probably you know how to make “the dream muscular body” and know some gym tips on how to exercise and diet to build those muscles?

Then UniMates marketplace is here for you! All you have to do is sign up and post your “Talent”, and those who are interested will be able to request it from you and you can get some extra cash!

UniMates is here to help you support your desires and aspirations by providing the marketplace to offer your skills to others on demand basis. By connecting you with your college community, UniMates creates a network of peers to who you can serve your skills and get some value to yourself in return to keep you happy. Now your next question should be: do you know YOUR talent that you can’t wait to get back to? It is easy to forget what you are good with hard work surrounding you, but once you do - make those useful to others through UniMates!

Here are some inspirational topics or ideas on who you can be with UniMates

  • Personal coach

  • Hair stylist

  • Dance teacher

  • Music instrument coach

  • Makeup artist

  • Clothes designer

  • Seamstress

  • Nutritionist

  • Graphic or digital designer

  • Massage

  • Spiritual coach

  • Tarot reader (as one of our Co-Founders ;)

  • Singer

  • Tutor