What Is UniMates and Why You Should Intern With Us

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

First of, the story of UniMates began in 2017 when 3 college students from the University of Tampa came together to improve the life of college students.

The idea of UniMates is to serve as a central ecosystem for college students and connect them to peers across campus.

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Moverover, UniMates cares not only about students, but also about employees. As a young company, we recruit talent from college campuses and try to inspire employees, our golden interns, to be conscious citizens and help them execute and find their talents by working on UniMates projects where you are not limited in your creativity and enthusiastic thinking.

Another belief we put forward is work can never be something you do to survive or make money. Instead, it is an opportunity to make impactful decisions and actions that have a direct impact on the bottom line of the society you are living in. Furthermore, we are looking for all types of talents: engineering, web design, art, social media, creative writing, marketing, management, those who study or understand legal related question or are willing to learn!

Currently, we have one office in Tampa, FL where we operate in the University of Tampa incubator. We are currently working on our 2018/2019 academic year team to join the company.

At UniMates, we have two divisions: Business to Customer (our classic model) and Business to Business (UniMates solution offered directly to universities).

Are you interested in Business Development and professional services? Always wanted to be a consultant and talk with business in person to build relations? Then join the B2B team by emailing

However, if you are a leader your in your community and love to meet, connect and improve the life of peers from your classes and campus, join the B2C team.

Moreover! Awesome news for those who attend other schools and are fascinated about the concept as much as the UniMates team at the University of Tampa: we are expanding to other school and are coming to YOU! Want to be the initiator at your school and want to serve your community best? Reach out to and send your resume along.

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Let’s change the way we live through college together!

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